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Lean Manufacturing
Business Improvement Consultants

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Here's what people say about us:

Very impressed with the depth of understanding of our business from a short assessment period, provided an independent external view to help us benchmark against others
Operations director

Very helpful, helping us to overcome lots of known problems in a structured and controlled method

The consultants were knowledgeable and as importantly understood our business drivers. The way they worked led to an open and honest exchange of views and concepts - we benefited a great deal from the process
Head of manufacturing

I found the workshop very useful - it has shown me a new way of working
Production supervisor

We appreciated the professional behaviour of the consultants and believe they demonstrated a deep knowledge as necessary for the job
Site and Procurement director (Italian company)

The workshop was far more enjoyable than I expected
Quality supervisor

I was very pessimistic at the beginning but impressed with the outcome
Production operator

The trainers were very enthusiastic and encouraging, giving confidence to those who are training
Production manager

The training was always conducted in a friendly and informative manner, with the emphasis on helping us to develop rather than insisting on change
Quality engineer

It was a real pleasure to have such consultants. They are really the evidence of professionality (sic). Their precision and simple way to communicate was very much appreciated.
Contracts manager (Italian company)

Nice to work with people who understand manufacturing!
Managing director

The training was so much common sense - why haven't we already done it??

I will implement it at my house as well (after 5S workshop)
Production operator

The training was very appropriate because I prefer to work in an organised environment
PCB assembler

The trainers were easy to get on with, had a sense of humour and know what can be done to help resolve problems - very knowledgeable.
Production operator

The trainers were obviously very experienced in Value Analysis techniques and put the subject over in a very effective way during the workshop
Production engineer

Both trainers always show a high level of professionalism and appear to adapt their style to suit the situation.
Test engineer
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