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Under stress from clutter?
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Quizzes - Just for fun

With many companies, clearing the clutter is the first step to improving performance and reducing frustrations. Try one or more of the quizzes to see if you could benefit from some de-cluttering. The more 'Mostly True' and 'Often True' answers you get, the more likely you are to be under stress from clutter.

At Home
Questions    Mostly True Often True Some times Rarely Never
When I look around my house I feel stressed by all the things that need sorting out   
Drawers can be hard to close because they're so full of things   
I have watches that haven't worked for years   
I have clothes in my wardrobe that I know I will never wear again   
I have an extensive collection of carrier bags   
Junk mail collects in large piles before eventually being disposed of   
There are areas of rooms, or whole rooms that are unusable through clutter   
After having a sort out, things drift back to how they were within a few weeks   

In the Office
Questions    Mostly True Often True Some times Rarely Never
I struggle to empty my in-tray on a daily basis   
My desk is covered with piles of paper   
There is equipment in my office that has been broken or is unusable for months   
If I'm away people struggle to find information in or on my desk   
My e-mail in-box is rarely empty   
I have brochures and catalogues that are more than twelve months old   
There are things on my notice-board that are out of date and have been for weeks   
I get embarrassed because I cannot always find required information immediately   

On the Shop Floor
Questions    Mostly True Often True Some times Rarely Never
On some days I can spend as much time looking for the right tools and materials than actually doing the job   
My tool box/drawer contains tools that I have not used for more than six months   
Benches are covered in tools, materials, consumables, drawings, etc   
The maintenance of tools and machinery could be improved   
New workers to the area tend to struggle to find where things were kept   
If an important visitor is coming we can spend hours cleaning up beforehand   
I often do not have all the information I need to complete a job without asking someone else   
There are tools and jigs that are used only rarely, mixed with regularly used equipment   
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